Help Your Hair Avoid The Harmful Effects of Heat Styling

Heat styling can be a regular fixture of many people’s hair care regimen. Hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons and other heat styling devices litter the counters of many bathrooms. Excessive heat or improper care can cause some serious damage to your lustrous locks. The damage caused from improper heat styling techniques can range from excessive fly-away and brittle, dry feeling hair all the way to burnt and singed hair or even hair loss.

In order to avoid the negative effects of heat styling, you need to know how to care for your hair — the right way. There are some easy ways of safeguarding your hair by adding a few extra steps into your daily routine.


Sometimes people get in the habit of heat styling every single day. It can be nice to have perfect bouncy curls or straight tresses for work and school, but your hair needs balance. Try an up do on alternating days to cut down on the daily heat styling.

Braids, buns, and ponytails are a great way to get around your heat styling woes. You can even keep your hair wet with a pinch of gel to get a unique part look. Even air-drying your hair is a great option to keep it happy and healthy.

Use Quality Product Lines

Heat styling is not necessarily an issue if you have great, all-natural, hair salon products. Investing in a great blowdry primer or a heat protectant spray will help protect your hair against heat and humidity. This can even help reduce your overall blow-drying time, ultimately leading to healthier hair.

Care for your hair in the downtime. Use masks and moisture replenishing products on your hair regularly to help restore the moisture. Natural, hair salon products, such as replenishing butter or repair conditioner, are a must when you heat style your hair often.

Quality Equipment

There is something to be said for quality heat styling equipment. There is nothing better than leaving a hair salon (like ours in Victoria, BC 😉) with freshly cut, styled, supple hair. Your stylist should be using great quality natural hair products but also quality straighteners, hair dryers and all manner of heat styling equipment. Having a good quality straightener can leave you with salon level shine every time.

Safe Techniques

Always keep moving. When you see smoke, your settings are either too high, you have excessive product on your hair, or your hair is still wet. Make sure your hair is dry before using any heat straightening or curling devices and that you've used a heat protective product on your hair. Always move your straightener in a fluid movement. When curling your hair, never let it sit for too long and keep the temperature comfortable. You shouldn’t be terrified of burning your ears.

Styling your hair with heat doesn’t have to be damaging. If you take proper care when using heat styling equipment and you pamper yourself at our hair salon in Victoria, BC regularly, you can have perfect curls or straight tresses without the damage. We love styling with straighteners and curling rods. These tools allow us the power to play with our looks and styles. With great power comes great responsibility, and you have a responsibility to heat style responsibly.