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Ready to feel pure LOVE for your hair? Our high quality, high performing hair extensions and stylists will leave you in love with your hair and look in no time. We only use products our trained hair extension specialists are proud to stand behind.

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Hair Extension methods offered at designHouse: 

Extensions can be used to create
face framing layers, more volume, increased hair length, or just a unique pop of colour. 

Face Framing Layers can add dimension and interest to your hair without losing length. Your stylist may use tape in hair extensions, clip ins, or specialty bang extensions to create the look you want using the latest trending face framing style techniques.

Add Volume for effect or to bulk up thin or damaged hair. Volume wefts can create the illusion of thickness and fullness, which can make your hair look healthier and more lush. Volume can also be used to add height to style, making it a great option for those with shorter hair.

Length! Give yourself the length you desire without waiting for your natural hair to grow out. If you want to mix up your look for a special occasion, hair extensions give you plenty of options to play with. Clip ins, tape ins with either hand tied or volume wefts are great for adding length.

Pop of Colour To add some fun and flair to your look, give coloured hair extensions a try. Perfect for festivals, a night out, or to naturally express your unique style. designHouse hair extensions can be dyed the same as natural hair and coordinated to perfectly suit your style. 

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Micro Keratin Tip

Micro Keratin tip extensions have barely visible bonds and are ideal for natural-looking hair that’s also comfortable to wear. When applied using cold or hot fusion methods by our trained designHouse hair stylists, unaltered extensions last 6 - 12 months.

Micro I-Tip

Micro Keratin I-Tip extensions are ideal for adding length to hair without the use of glues or other adhesives. They can be adjusted periodically by a trained designHouse stylist. Micro I-Tip extensions are available in ombre, balayage, sombre, rooted, and other colour technique options.

Hand-Tied Weft

Hand-tied weft hair extensions are gaining in popularity among extension-lovers for their natural look, ease of wear, and styling opportunities. Gentle on natural hair and compatible with active lifestyles, hand tied weft extensions can easily last up to a year with proper care and maintenance.

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Tape In Hair Extension

Short on time but want the luxury of hair extensions? Or, want to try a new look but don’t want to commit to it forever? Then Tape In extensions are a perfect solution. Tape In hair extensions can be applied in less time than other application methods and are more easily removed. Tape In extensions are a great option for trying new trends, new styles or, to simply have fun with your hair! Made with superior quality and cuticle remy hair.

Keratin Tip Hair Extension

Favoured by celebrities for ages, Keratin Tips can be used in all hair types. They are applied by hot-fusing the tips onto your own hair. Natural hair is protected by a silicone additive on the Keratin tip that’s there to create a protective coating. With proper care, Keratin Tips can last 6 - 12 months. Keratin Tips are great for adding volume to thinning hair, making damaged hair appear healthy and full, or to have the long hair you’ve always wanted.

Tape In Body Wave Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions with body wave can be applied just as quickly and easily as the natural hair options. With Tape In Body Wave extensions, you’ll have luscious, beach-worthy curls PLUS - have more time for other things! You also get to try out new trends without committing. Perfect for experimenting with different colours. Or, play with different colour treatments such as balayage, a marble blend, ombre or sombre effects, or classic highlights.

Keratin Tip Body Wave Hair Extensions

Whether you want long, flowing and wavy tresses or just some volume for thinning areas on your head - Keratin Tips with Body Wave can help! Fused directly to your hair, Keratin Tips with Body Wave maintain a natural layered texture and feel to your hair. Suitable for all hair types, the tips are bonded close to the roots of your natural hair and are invisible when wearing a ponytail or other up-do. With care, they can last from 6 - 12 months.

Meet the designHouse Hair Extension Team

designHouse Salon is a Holistic Beauty Concept salon that honours a sustainably different approach to hair services in Vancouver Island.

 We have three Victoria Area locations: the Hudson Building downtown, Fernwood Salon, and The Treehouse in Langford are the flagship Davines concept salon in Victoria BC and we celebrate a commitment to excellence in our craft. We have an amazing team of hair extension specialists, led by Chantelle Pasychny, our Head Extensionista.

Having over 15 years experience in the extension world has allowed her to perfect her craft with some of the best methods out there and has helped train our extensionists on the team.

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Our team of Extensionistas can help you discover what type of hair and installation method is the best for you.


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