Senior Stylist

Women’s Haircut: $75  

Base Retouch: $115

Global Color: $150  

Blowout: $65

 Tara has loved hair for as long as she can remember. Acknowledging that there are so many emotions attached to people's hair, Tara connects with her clients by helping them express themselves through their hair. Being a curly hair girl herself, Tara’s understanding for curly hair gives her the drive to be the best stylist she can be.

 Tara is a stylist trained stylist. Starting out her training with an apprenticeship in Vancouver being fortunate to be taken on without any hair school. This enabled Tara to learn from many different stylists which makes her experience unique. With over a decade of experience and a stellar personality Tara works hard as a member of our DesignHouse team!

 Tara loves waking up to the sun peaking through her blinds. Tara was most proud when she adopted her dog Thomas. On Sunday mornings you will find Tara easing into her mornings listening to her records. Music is a huge passion of hers so be sure to ask her about her record collection!