Hair Fails: How to Stop Having Endless Bad Hair Days

Bad hair days are inevitable and sometimes, they can last for days, weeks and sometimes even months! In all honesty, what's worse than having a bad hair month? While you can’t stop having the odd bad hair day, you can certainly make sure they don’t happen often. There are so many common mistakes we all make with our hair, we don’t even realize we’re doing them.
A lot of us aren’t experts on hair and how to keep it healthy. Sometimes, it's the products themselves, and not your brushing habits which may be the cause of those awful bad hair days. Here at designHouse, we make sure we're not only educated on hair styling but also hair health, and it’s our job to pass that knowledge on to you, our clients. Being an eco and natural hair salon, we want to make sure you're washing and treating your hair with the top organic hair products out there. We want to see you maintaining that healthy shine every single day.
We’ve come up with a list of common hair mistakes and tips on how you can stop making them so you can get your locks looking consistently beautiful.

Always Protect Your Hair from Heat

We all know heat can severely damage our hair, but we also need our blow-dryers, flat irons and other styling tools that can cause heat damage. In order to combat this, use a heat-protective aid so you can protect your hair from the heat. Try this blow-dry primer and never burn your hair again.

NEVER Use Hot Irons on Wet Hair

This is self-explanatory. Wet hair and flat irons are not a match. If you use a hot tool like a curling iron on your hair, expect your hair to get weak and even break. Make sure your hair is always dry before using hot tools.

Hairspray Goes on AFTER Hot Irons

Don’t forget there's alcohol in hairspray that burns when in contact with heat. Have you ever heard that burning sizzle when you try to straighten your hair after you’ve put some hairspray in it? This is why! Hairspray like Davines Strong Hold is great, just know when to use it.

Brush Before Washing

Do you love tangled wet hair? We didn’t think so. Make sure you always brush your hair before you wash it. Hair is really weak when it's wet and prone to tangling. Brushing with an oval paddle brush is a great pre-shower ritual to add to your routine.

You Can’t Fix Split Ends

Once your hair has split at its ends, there's nothing you can do about it. The only solution is preventive so that it never happens again. Ways to prevent split ends include not over-washing your hair, stopping rough towel drying, and cutting down on the use of hot irons. If your ends are already split, try this oil to help smooth them out.
designHouse in Victoria, BC is a natural and eco salon that prides itself on offering the best organic hair products on the market. If you need more tips on how you can stop making pesky hair mistakes, book your next appointment with us and we’ll be happy to make sure you never go a day with horrible hair again.