Katelyn - Master Stylist + Extensionist

Katelyn - Master Stylist + Extensionist
Specialising in extensions has allowed Katelyn to perfect her skills over the years. If she had it her way she'd do extensions all day everyday. 
But can we talk about her colour skills?! She knows how to perfectly blend those tones for seamless dimensional looks. 
Book your long dream hair with Katelyn by contacting the salon directly or filling out our extension form online.
Consults are required for extensions 
Weft Removal Reapply $150 / row
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All specialty colour services will now include a trim or premium treatment.

In the event a trim is not needed we will supplement this time with a premium in salon treatment customized to you. 


Gloss & Treatment - 


Gloss and Trim


Designed for clients coming in for tone/shine maintenance between larger highlight/balayage appointments.

Approx appt time 1.5 - 2 hrs


All over colour/Root retouch/Trim or premium treatment -


This option is best for Clients needing grey coverage and or solid colour. This will include refreshing the ends when needed.

(This package is not designed for highlight/balayage clients)

Approx appt time 2 hrs


Specialty colour 1 -

Refresher of highlights/balayage including root melt/gloss/trim & or premium treatment. 


Best suited for existing clients with 1-2 inches of regrowth or 2-4 months between colour appointments.

Approx appt time 2.5 hrs


Specialty colour 2 - 

Overall Refresher of highlights/balayage including a root melt/gloss/trim & or premium treatment. 


Best suited for existing clients with 2-4 inches of regrowth and or 4-6 months since your last colour appointment. 

Approx appt time 3.5 hrs


Specialty Colour 3 - 

The works! Full head of blonding/highlight/balayage including root melt/gloss/trim & or premium treatment.  


This is for new clients or existing clients who have gone 6+ months from their last highlight or balayage appointment and are looking for a significant transformation.

Approx appt time 4 - 5 hrs


New Specialty Colour Clients - Consultations are complimentary and are strongly suggested prior to the appointment day so we can ensure enough time is reserved for the services needed to achieve your desired result. 


Corrective Colour by consultation only

$125 per hour + product costs. 


Extensions consultations require a $50 deposit which will be applied to the date of your initial extension appointment. 


Weft extensions - 

$165 per row 

1 Row adds volume 

2 Rows add length and volume 

2 1/2 + Rows for shorter than collarbone or extremely dense hair types 

For extension clients who do not see me for specialty colour , a trim can be added to the appointment for $50. 


The cost of our premium offered human hair extensions is separate and will be quoted in the initial consultation. The lifespan of the hair varies but on average lasts between 8-10 months. 


All other extension methods by consultation. 


I am no longer offering Haircut only services to new guests - Haircuts can be booked as a Gloss & Trim and will include either a clear glossing or tinted gloss treatment.